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roasted chicken and cauliflower


Okay I’ve been promising this recipe like forever. I don’t mean to be a slacker, but sometimes life just gets in the way of finalizing and posting recipes. But here it is……it’s very basic, very simple, and I probably make this at least once a week. Because it’s very basic and very simple.  And to go along with the theme of basic and simple, these are even iPhone photos lol.




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admin - Thanks Lisa!! Yes, they are for sure. :)

Jersey Girl Cooks - Simple recipes like these are the best!

admin - Thanks Bri….. :)

Brian//A Thought For Food - Roast chicken is one of the few dishes I miss from my meat eating days. The smell of it alone has be salivating. Love the preparation… nothing beats fresh herbs and spices.

slow-cooker korean short ribs and a giveaway of “dinner: the playbook”

Dinner_playbook_korean_short_ribs_kitchen_serendipity blog_web
Earlier this summer, I was selected as one of the 50 blogger-participants for author and blogger Jenny Rosenstrach’s recipe challenge/recipe review for her latest book, Dinner:  The Playbook which is the follow-up to her immensely popular first cookbook, “Dinner:  A Love Story”  - also the name of her equally popular blog.  Her latest book includes a detailed, 30-day plan for mastering the art of the family meal which is a must-have for busy parents.  It also includes 80+ kid-vetted recipes to help get those homemade dinners on the table without relying on the all too common menu rotation of pasta, pizza, burgers, and more pasta.  I wish these books had been around when my son was younger….it may have helped him to become a more adventurous eater but at the very least, we always had a homemade meal on the table.  And still do.  But when time is limited and everyone has a crazy schedule, it can be rough to do so. From Dinner:  The Playbook I made three recipes – Zucchini Fritters with Sour Cream and chives (delish), Chicken with Artichokes in Creamy Mustard Sauce (yum), and the Slow-Cooker Korean Short Ribs (sooo00 good).  Jenny was wonderful to give me permission to post one of her recipes (I know a lot of you asked for recipes when I posted the pictures this summer) – so the recipe for Slow-Cooker Korean Short Ribs is included at the end of this post. blog_board_chicken_zucchini_fritters
Now on to the giveaway!  The publishers of Dinner:  The Playbook sent us our new copy of the book (we had the preview copy) AND have been so nice to offer an additional book for giveaway purposes.  You have four chances to win and please comment here on my blog in the comments section for each entry you make. Winner will be chosen randomly by  Contest runs until 12 pm EST on Friday, September 12.  US entries only please and you must provide a valid email address.  You may select all or any one of the following:

1.  Leave a blog comment here about what would make your family dinner routine easier.  Or….what is your go-to dish that will get dinner on the table?
2.  Tweet the following:  Slow-Cooker Korean Ribs + giveaway @staceysiegal for @dinnerlovestory new book Dinner: The Playbook  
3. “Like”  Dinner:  A Love Story on Facebook
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Good Luck!! dinner_playbook_final_copy_blog

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Kim Wood - I like “Kitchen Serendipity” on Facebook.

Kim Wood - I “like” Dinner: A Love Story on Facebook.

Kim - A better way to vent out the heat and steam would make dinner routine easier, especially in summer.

Denise Smith - Definitely pasta. It’s quick, easy, and you can add in leftovers to make it a real meal. Toss in a quick salad, and off to scouts we go!

Bets - I like DALS on FB.

Bets - Our biggest problem is getting out of our rut and trying different meals.

Aaron Rishell - Meal planning and variety is the most common problem that we have.

Judy - Linguine con Vongole, my husbands favorite even with canned clams.

Linda M - I need to plan in advance (shopping, taking meat out of freezer…)! I tweeted about the giveaway and I liked both pages. Thanks!

Phillette - These ribs look yummy! It seems like I am cooking the same things over and over during the week! We need new, fast and easy recipes!

admin - I could eat pasta every day lol Rebecca. It’s the one thing my son does really love….

admin - Hey Jen!! If you ever run across some good slow cooker recipes please send me a link. ;)

admin - I end up going to the grocery store every day Kate…..and don’t keep nearly as much as I used to in the fridge but I’m only feeding two now. But it’s definitely a time-grabber going every day.

admin - That was the author’s dilemma, too, Kim….same foods, same rotation. I’m guilty of that as well as usually Alex won’t make many things I develop for my blog lol.

Jenn - I meal plan, I cook tasty healthy food, I shop smartly but if only I could get my kids to eat the food I cook without complaining, oh that would be heavenly!!

Michelle Jordan - Spaghetti pie is my go to meal to get it done fast.

Robin B. - Meal planning!! That would definitely ease dinner time stress during the week. I tend to wait until an hour or two before dinner time to start thinking about what’s for dinner!!

Laura P - Having more quick & easy options to choose from for weeknight meals. Feels like we eat the same stuff over and over and over!

molly lamoreaux - I am trying these tomorrow soon as I am done here ,heading to the store, will do some invites, and enjoy this yummy recipe, thanks for posting thanks for the give away


Eskai - I liked kitchen serendipity on FB

Eskai - We just had our third baby 3 months ago and I’m having a difficult time finding delicious easy meals to get on table while juggling 3 kids and their homework and life in general. This cookbook sounds like a great way to jump start some meal planning!

Rebecca Knowles - Looks delicious! My ‘go to’ is pasta. I’ll try any recipe that includes pasta and have the hips to prove it ;) would love some new ideas!

Jen | Pretty-Eats - These look amazing. I’d love more slow cooker recipes!

Kim - OMG, those short ribs look so yummy!! To answer your question, “What would make your family dinner routine easier?”…..having a meal that everyone likes every part of for a change. A typical steak, potatoes and a veggie dinner will have one person who won’t eat the potatoes and another who won’t eat the veggie I picked. The only thing all can agree on is spaghetti with meatballs, chicken parm, and tacos. It’s getting boring here eating the same meals in rotation.

Kate K - I need to stock my fridge better. I will wait until the last minute to make dinner and then realize we don’t have any protein to cook or we are out of pasta or some other important ingredient.

easy yellow gazpacho

Fall may be just around the corner for a lot of people, but here in Florida we get to endure a few more weeks of temperatures in the 90’s (ugh).  So I think that this chilled soup that I adapted from Food & Wine magazine needs to be on the menu for September for sure.  This will be the easiest gazpacho you every make – you halve the tomatoes, throw them in the blender along with a good extra-virgin olive and garlic, remove to a bowl and add a diced jalapeño, and chill.  I do press the contents of the blender through a sieve into the bowl to get rid of the tomato skins but you don’t have to if you don’t want to – but I love the creamy texture.  I used a brand called Solle from Lakeside Produce but check your farmer’s market as well. easy_yellow_gazpacho_diptych  

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admin - Thank you so much Thalia!!

Thalia @ butter and brioche - Loving the idea of a gazpacho made with yellow tomatoes.. the colour of the soup is amazing! Definitely need to try the recipe, thanks for sharing it!

trade restaurant | boston | cocktail shoot with tenzin

Isn’t that such a beautiful cocktail?  It’s called Norbu Lingka or “Jeweled Park” (scroll down for the recipe). Ahhhhhh……I was back in Boston early this month and was so happy to once again get together with friend and Trade’s head bartender Tenzin Conechok Samdo to to shoot another one of his gorgeous cocktail creations at this fabulous, eclectic restaurant in downtown Boston which is spearheaded by James Beard award-winning Chef Jody Adams of Rialto fame.  Tenzin was recently featured – and well-deserved – in a Zagat article noting the nine up-and-coming bartenders you need to know in Boston.  You can find that article HERE. We started in right away on the cocktails (and wine for Lafe and I as well lol) with a Chamomile Tea Soaked Bulleit Rye Sazerac cocktail that Tenzin whipped up while we were perusing the lunch menu.  Yikes and wow.  Yes, I sipped this baby and I’m not much of a hard liquor drinker.  Whee!  But seriously, the levels of flavors were outstanding.  I moved right on to ordering lunch before any more sips and decided upon the Summer Squash and Zucchini Panzanella with Herbs and Pecorino which of course was delicious.  Then it was down to serious cocktail creating….. Bulleit_Rye_Sazerac_and_lunch_blog_board
Hello Boston……happy to be “home.” Boston_downtown_blog_board
Exterior of Trade and Tenzin and I…… With_Tenzin_blog_board
Interior of Trade and a couple of happy customers….. Trade_interior_blog_board
Cucumber Mojito – recipe follows and can also be found on the Trade website HERE…. mocktail_iphone_edit_blog
Tenzin working his magic.  Was pretty busy at 3 pm on a Wednesday lol….. Tenzin_blog_board
Love this checklist……ha! Details_blog_board
This drink is a “farm to glass” creation…love the edible flowers, chervil, and figs for the garnish.  The edible flowers are from Blue Heron Farm in Lincoln, MA. Russian_Caravan_Tea_blog_board
Please check out my photography blog Stacey Siegal Photography for additional pictures from Boston including The Gregg Allman concert in Hyannis and another visit to Row 34.  Had to go there again.  Just had to.    


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boston | august 2014 » - […] – and to get a couple of Tenzin’s cocktail recipes, please head over to my food blog Kitchen Serendipity.  (You can also follow him on Instagram at […]

israeli couscous caprese salad


Give me ANYTHING caprese-style and I will devour it!  This is a take on The Market Couscous that can be found HERE on my blog – I punched up the garlic, limited the number of ingredients, switched out the feta for fresh mozzarella, and added grape tomatoes and plenty of herbs.  The result is a delicious combination of summer flavors that make a great side dish or just a salad on its own.

While not a huge fan of African couscous, I LOVE Israeli (or “pearl”) couscous which is a pasta.  These little pops of pasta hold up great in so many dishes whereas another pasta shape or type may not necessarily.  In this recipe, the Israeli couscous is cooked ahead and cooled, using a couple of tablespoons of the garlicky vinaigrette to prevent it from sticking together before the dish is completed.

I used grape tomatoes, but feel free to substitute fresh, chopped tomatoes if you have them.  I don’t here in Florida so grape tomatoes were a better choice…..and I like the way they look in the salad and balance the shapes of the other ingredients.

It’s summer!  Enjoy and enjoy good food.




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Ami@NaiveCookCooks - Will be great for lunch!! Thanks and wonderful looking pics!