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Bucatini Pasta with Pan-Seared Steak Tips & Belgian Endive

This will be your new go-to weeknight meal! Bucatini with Pan-Seared Steak Tips and Belgian Endive | When our nearby The Fresh Market opened, I began buying the pre-cut steak tips from the meat counter to make some fast meals with little prep involved.  It’s an easy as broiling a strip steak – it just makes a little more mess on your stove top but with such delicious results! Bucatini with Pan-Seared Steak Tips & Belgian Endive Have you tried Belgian endive?  It’s part of the chicory family which is represented by the more bitter and hearty lettuces such as radicchio and escarole.  Belgian endive is great raw and can be added to salads or its leaves used in appetizer dishes to hold a myriad of ingredients.  It’s also wonderful cooked and braised…….that is the first way I enjoyed it years ago after seeing a recipe for Endive on Toast with Gruyêre Cheese in Deborah Madison’s book Local Flavors.  It’s also really high in nutrients as an added bonus!  For more info and recipes, please check out California Endive’s website. Bucatini with Pan-Seared Steak Tips & Belgian Endive | I loooove Belgian endive and I found a great way to marry the steak tips with this vegetable using pasta as a vehicle to deliver them together.  I use either bucatini (which is like spaghetti but is hollow), linguine, or spaghetti.  The amounts of ingredients in the dish can be played with at whim – I like to keep it as more of a pasta dish and serve it in small bowls rather than a meat-heavy dish.  Normally, I make this dish for my son and I and use about ½ pound or so of steak tips for the two of us, along with two medium heads of Belgian endive. Most stores carry steak tips….they may be labeled as beef tips for stir-fry as well.  If you can’t buy pre-cut steak tips – you can cut your own from a sirloin steak.  Ree Drummond explains how in her Steak Bites recipe post on her blog The Pioneer Woman.  Oh the buttery goodness of that recipe!  

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admin - Woo Hoo!!!! Thanks Rebecca!

Rebecca Knowles - Made this for dinner tonight. It was DELICIOUS!!!!

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