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Red Quinoa Power Breakfast

I’m normally not a big breakfast eater but find myself constantly on the lookout for morning meal ideas that are maybe just a little bit unusual and surprisingly delicious and satisfying.  This recipe which I adapted from one of my magazines some time ago features nutritious quinoa (KEEN-wah) which is very high in protein and fiber, making this dish a great way to fuel your body for the day ahead.




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admin - Thanks Chris! 🙂

admin - Absolutely! Red quinoa just has a bit more of an earthier flavor.

evie - I will absolutely try this!! I don’t think I have red quinoa in the cabinet though. This may be a dumb question but will it be ok to use white quinoa instead?

Chris - Sounds delicious. I normally have a protein rich smoothie for breakfast, but I do try something different every now and then. The texture is just up my alley, the ingredients well thought out and an easy prep… Thank you!

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