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Creamy Celery Root Soup with Black Pepper Bacon Crumbles

Creamy Celery Root Soup with Black Pepper Bacon Crumbles

Happy New Year!!  It is a bitterly cold (to me!) day here in Florida and a warm soup brimming with puréed vegetables sounds wonderful!!  I developed this over the holidays but it absolutely does not need to be in the slightest bit fancy….it would actually be perfect for a Super Bowl party served in shot glasses with a strip of crispy black pepper bacon as a garnish over the top of the glass.  Celery root – also known as celeriac – is an often underused, gnarly-looking root vegetable that has a surprisingly low starch content as compared to other root vegetables and a low calorie count as well with only 66 calories per cup.  With its delicate celery and hint of parsley flavor, it is delicious when paired with potatoes as in this soup and can be cooked in a variety of ways – roasted, mashed, braised, etc.  It’s just a little (well, a lot) on the ugly side until you peel it and find the creamy white interior.

The inspiration for the Caramelized Black Pepper Bacon comes from my friend Jen Sabo who has GOT to be one of the hardest working moms on this planet.  And she finds time to cook fabulous things!!  You go, girl….we all appreciate and love you!

Creamy Celery Rppt Soup with Black Pepper Bacon Crumbles from 03_Creamy_Celery_Root_soup_with_Bacon_Crumbles_kitchen_serendipity_blog

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admin - Thanks Evie!! It’s so yummy…

Evie - Celery root is SO good! It seems like whenever I buy it at the store here, it is too old and woody but when I have been lucky enough to get a good one, I love it. This recipe looks delicious!

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