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Valentine’s Day Dinner in Boston…..

Have you ever had a hankering for oysters?  And I’m not asking because it’s Valentine’s Day.  (*wink*)


I did.  Oh, did I ever!!  And it became even more pronounced after I saw that food writer/blogger/instructor Jacqueline Church and food writer/blogger/photographer Brian Samuels held this cool workshop at the Mare Oyster Bar in Boston called “Slurp and Learn” in early December.  Brian at that time also mentioned that a new restaurant called Row 34 should be on my destination list during my next trip to Boston.    Referred to as a “workingman’s oyster bar” (but also as a trendy hot spot), I knew that would be the ideal place for an early Valentine’s Day dinner with Lafe.

So I arrived in Boston and it snowed.  I haven’t seen snow in 10 years since I live in Florida.  It was exciting at first, but then it made me realize why I lived in Florida lol…


We hopped the train and made the walk from South Station to this funky, kind of industrial little neighborhood not too far from the station, but far enough for this girl to be freezing in the windy and snowy conditions.  But once inside Row 34……ahhhhh.  The service was outstanding – everyone was so helpful and accommodating.  The food??  To die for.  I may never have oysters again until I’m back at Row 34.

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For wine, I had the Dom. de la Bregeonette, Folle Blanche, Gros-Plant du Pays Nantis (phew that’s a mouthful!) and Lafe enjoyed two of the draft beers – the first one was called Interlude which is aged in barrels in Allagash, Maine.  Very complex – almost like a barleywine.  For the second one he moved on to the Edelherb pilsner from Kulmbacher, Germany which arrived in a big mug.

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Then the food….I happily ordered oysters that hailed from both Duxbury and Barnstable, MA waters and Lafe selected the smoked salmon appetizer and the smoked scallop offering, and we both shared the Roasted Cauliflower with Pecorino and Anchovy.  All were absolutely delicious….and THEN the Old Bay Onion Rings arrived.  I have no words for these onion rings.  No words.  None.  Well, okay, addictive.  Out-of-this-world-crazy-good.

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All in all, it was the best Valentine’s Day with my special man in a special place.  ♥  We will be back to Row 34 again for sure….maybe as soon as March.  😉

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admin - Hi Leah! My Boston friends mentioned ICOB as well….apparently Row 34 is a sibling. Really loved Row 34 – go! 🙂

Leah - Love it! I can’t wait to try Row 34… we love Island Creek Oysters. ICOB too

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