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pasta with wilted tatsoi in a butter-parmesan cheese heaven


I think it has been established that I love pasta?  Well here’s a recipe to knock your socks off with both its simplicity and clean flavors.  Nothing fancy here….this recipe works best with a pasta that has ridges, nooks, or crannies to love and cradle the sauce – I chose something fun and different that I found at The Fresh Market called Torcetti – sort of like a twisted penne.  Tatsoi is basically an Asian type of spinach or dark green that I love buying at our Sarasota Farmer’s Market – but you can use any dark green including baby spinach.  And – I always have on hand really amazing Parmigiano Reggiano cheese which just rocks the dish with it’s rich, salty flavor.  And the butter in this?!?  Oh, go for it!!   Fresh basil and chives round out the dish.  Yum, yum, yum, and a great dish that transitions well to spring!!  Recipe is below.





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admin - Hi Susan…….the reserved pasta cooking water contains starch and lends body to any sauce you’re making. Or can loosen it up as well. I save about a half cup or so of the starchy water every time I make pasta just pretty much out of habit now….just toss it on the freshly cooked pasta when I’m not even making a sauce and it loosens up the past and keeps it from sticking.

Susan Goldstein - And how is the reserved starchy pasta cooking water used?

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