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butter-bathed pork tenderloin with baby bok choy medley & frizzled shallots


Hi there!  Well I hardly ever…or maybe never?……plate and present a dish in a “family-style” way which is probably because when cooking at home, I cook for so few people that it’s a win-win for individual plating vs. serving dishes. Just extra, unnecessary dishes where I live and cook!!  But this dish?!?  It just begged to be presented on a serving platter with the tender meat and the gorgeousness of the baby bok choy with the  vibrant yellow grape tomatoes.  Pork tenderloin is such a lean cut of meat – leaner than a chicken breast – so don’t have any butter guilt here.  It’s okay – really!  🙂


I love baby bok choy!  And true to my style, I tend to use what may be considered an ethnic ingredient and Americanize it or Italianize it.  I don’t want to feel pressured to use soy sauce and ginger JUST  because I’m using bok choy.  The Asian flavors complement the vegetable for sure, but I like to experiment.  I often saute it and use it as a bed for a beautiful strip steak (yum!!) or add it to salads.  So go figure……..I mean, I love other cuisines – especially Japanese – but sometimes in my house, simple tends to be best.  Just messing with ingredient expectations I guess…..and encouraging you to try different ingredients without thinking they have to have a specific flavor profile.


I “frizzle” leeks and shallots a lot for dishes ranging from mashed potatoes to salads – this dish is anointed with yummy frizzled shallots which add great texture and HUGE flavor.  Try frizzled leeks on mashed potatoes – that’s a winner for sure!





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admin - Thank you Angela!!

angela sackett - ok, i am SALIVATING looking at this dish. it looks, and sounds, amazing. thank you for sharing!!

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