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blueberry vanilla graham smoothie | wicked awesome smoothie wednesday

The last time I posted a smoothie recipe using Ben & Jerry’s – it got over 2000 pins on Pinterest!!  Maybe this one will have the same result?!?  Yes this uses Ben & Jerry’s once again – but their frozen Greek yogurt and healthy ingredients such as pomegranate/blueberry juice.  I spend a crazy amount of time trying to find things that my son likes to eat….especially in the morning.  It’s frustrating….I mean he still eats well, but not a lot and not a big variety.  We go to eggs for a while….then to yogurt and fruit……and then the cycle continues.  Well I hope that this smoothie will win him over – it is DELICIOUS yet still healthy.  And there are no rights or wrongs here – choose what you prefer!  Vanilla soy milk, vanilla almond milk, milk. or even water.  Add chia or flax seeds for an additional healthy boost!

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Kim - Liv Life - Oh how well I know what you mean!! Liv eats one thing, my son another. Then they won’t eat it anymore. Smoothies are usually a sure thing though, and this one looks to be a winner!!

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