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dinner: the playbook | chicken thighs with artichokes and creamy mustard sauce

IMG_8369_edit_web_dinner_playbook_kitchen_serendipity_chicken_thighs If you’ve didn’t have a chance to catch my previous posts, I was one of the bloggers selected by blogger and cookbook author Jenny Rosenstrach (Dinner:  A Love Story) to cook three recipes from her upcoming second book, Dinner:  The Playbook.  Although a terrific read with lots of great recipes for anyone that comes across it, it is especially useful for busy parents as Jenny unveils a 30-day master plan to get a good meal on the table each night. This recipe – once the ingredients were assembled – came together nicely.  I really liked the heat that the red pepper flakes gave to the sauce – a nice little kick to offset the bit of richness.  And overall, the layering of flavors in this dish really worked.  I still failed at getting my son to try the artichokes, though. But what really stands out in my mind after cooking these recipes is just how much we “eat” with our eyes.  For those of us who participated in this week-long challenge, we all received an advance copy of Dinner:  The Playbook which interestingly enough does not resemble the final edition and all of the photos are in black and white.  So as I selected the three recipes to make, there was really no visual “draw” to any particular recipe and instead I merely relied upon ingredient appeal and to best visualize how the dish would translate to a color image.  Now I know there are some stunning black and white food photos out there, but there is a reason you rarely see black and white food images in mainstream magazines – it doesn’t sell.  People clearly eat with their eyes first – and I love being behind the camera to capture that image. Again, unfortunately I can’t post the recipe at this time per the author, but hopefully the photos and summary of the recipes I made will interest you in her new book Dinner:  The Playbook which is available for pre-order on  And, if you are on Instagram, please enter the hashtag #DinnerPlaybook to see many of the photographed dishes.  I would appreciate your follows as well!  You can find me HERE. Thanks for following along for this challenge……back to my recipes this week.  🙂 blog_boartd_chicken_thighs_resize

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