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mediterranean ribs

This was actually one of the very first recipes that I put on my blog – and now is a good time to update both the recipe format and pictures in honor of the July 4th holiday because these would make the perfect dish! (And because that post did indeed look like a first-time experience – yikes!!)

This dish has a history behind it that local friends know and you may as seen my references to it on Facebook from time to time. I threw a party for my son’s sixth birthday back in 2005 for a number of his friends (and parents) and invited “Mad Science” to basically host it with fun tricks and activities to keep the kids busy. I am sort of smart that way.

The kids had, well, kid food – pizza….ice cream……cake. For the adults, I decided to make my Mediterranean Ribs along with adult beverages and two or three sides. Well, Mike Walter, husband of my friend Beck Walter, loved them so much that he asked for the recipe. I wrote it down, he brought it home, and Becky made them. They were, at that point, forever coined “Stacey’s Ribs.” (Thanks Becky!)

On kind of a weird and personal note……this was a dish I made practically every weekend when I was married. When we got divorced last year, I just stopped making these ribs. It just seemed to be a dish that really represented our family as a complete unit and to make it under different circumstances was something I guess I couldn’t bring myself to do. Plus it makes a nice quantity….who the hell do I feed?!? It’s just Alex and I.

So I had a moment a few weeks ago. The ex, Alex, and I had plans to eat dinner at my house (my ex and are are great friends thank goodness) – and you know what? I made them. Along with the usual side of oil and vinegar coleslaw from the Bradenton Chop Shop. It really hit me that I hadn’t made this dish in over a year and kind of makes me cry because as a food photographer and a foodie in general, there is really a story attached to what you eat and why. That’s what I try to capture behind my lens.

So this July 4th holiday weekend? Enjoy these!! I know grilled meats are all the rave this time of the year, but here in Florida it’s just too damn hot. And I don’t have a grill anymore.   And I love these better anyway. Would love your comments if you make these……now off to delete the old post now (shudder).   😉


And….this post wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse of the Mad Science birthday party back in 2005!




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