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israeli couscous caprese salad


Give me ANYTHING caprese-style and I will devour it!  This is a take on The Market Couscous that can be found HERE on my blog – I punched up the garlic, limited the number of ingredients, switched out the feta for fresh mozzarella, and added grape tomatoes and plenty of herbs.  The result is a delicious combination of summer flavors that make a great side dish or just a salad on its own.

While not a huge fan of African couscous, I LOVE Israeli (or “pearl”) couscous which is a pasta.  These little pops of pasta hold up great in so many dishes whereas another pasta shape or type may not necessarily.  In this recipe, the Israeli couscous is cooked ahead and cooled, using a couple of tablespoons of the garlicky vinaigrette to prevent it from sticking together before the dish is completed.

I used grape tomatoes, but feel free to substitute fresh, chopped tomatoes if you have them.  I don’t here in Florida so grape tomatoes were a better choice…..and I like the way they look in the salad and balance the shapes of the other ingredients.

It’s summer!  Enjoy and enjoy good food.




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Ami@NaiveCookCooks - Will be great for lunch!! Thanks and wonderful looking pics!

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