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one pot chicken and rice


It’s good to be back!  This blog tends to fall by the wayside each holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day due to a substantial increase in the number of family beach photo shoots that I do.  But all is said and done and edited – time to get back to recipes for you.

Without a doubt, January is a month where “comfort food” comes to mind, even here in Florida.  Whether comfort is desired because it’s chilly outside or maybe because colds and the flu are going around – it feels nice to sit down to a dish that is warm, delicious, simple, and filling.

This chicken and rice recipe is just that.  I made this recently for my good friend Tammy who is battling breast cancer.  Why bad things happen to good people is just so unfair.  She runs our school’s lunchroom service that many of us moms volunteer our time to and is the mom to four amazing boys (well two should be called young men – sorry guys).  She is our hero and we have rallied our support around her to keep her chin up, her big girl panties on, and to fight this damn cancer.  And YOU WILL.

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I asked Tammy if I could bring something over to feed her and the boys and she happily agreed so long as it was something very plain with minimal ingredients.  Plain?  I can do plain.  This uses economical yet delicious chicken thighs that are first sauteed to brown the skin and then braised in a wine and chicken stock bath.  (Yes – there was wine in there Tammy and I will also confess that I flavored the stock with an onion and I know you dislike onions.  Yes I took it out….don’t worry.  And you know the old saying, “I cook with wine……sometimes I put it in the food.”)  This recipe travels well and if a large quantity is not needed, this can easily be cut in half.  More is better with this I think though.  Hang tough Tammy!  We love you.  And thanks for letting me share this on my blog.  🙂



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Jersey Girl Cooks - Great recipe! Next time I need to bring a friend dinner this is what I am going to make.

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