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bourbon and caramelized shallot dip


It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday and this dip would be a perfect addition to your menu along with chips or crudites.  I will be serving this delish dip accompanied by four new varieties of Terra Chips – Pumpkin Spice Sweets (kissed with cinnamon and nutmeg), Sweet Potato, Exotic Potato (sweet, Yukon gold, and naturally blue), and Beauregard Sweets (once one of the most widely available type of sweet potato).  This past fall I attended the Big Harvest Potluck food blogger’s conference in Bucks County, PA and won a year’s supply of Terra Chips and have been taste-testing and determining which are my favorites since then.  Two additional new flavors – Mediterranean (Taro, sweet potato, batata or Cuban sweet potato, parsnip, and yuca along with herbs and a hint of lemon) and Tropical (coconut, plantain, sweet potato, taro, and batata) are my favorites along with Pumpkin Spice Sweets.  Terra Chips are non-GMO, real vegetable chips made from unique and diverse root vegetables.

When it comes to bourbon, Maker’s Mark is definitely my favorite.  This recipe is adapted from one I spotted recently on and it sounded like the perfect complement to the heartiness of the chips.  And what the heck………pour yourself a glass of Maker’s Mark while you’re at it and enjoy.

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