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swoon winter salad with pine nuts and sizzling warm vinaigrette


Well ladies and gents, it’s almost Valentine’s Day!  If you might be cooking for your special someone, this would make a fabulous salad course.  It’s sexy, warm, and inviting with a sensational layering of flavors including balsamic vinegar, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, brown sugar, garlic (yes, garlic!), and pine nuts.  Pine nuts just happen to be an aphrodisiac – ahem – and who knew.  Choose whatever greens you prefer – I used a mixture of a salad blend with herbs along with the more tender inside leaves of a head of escarole, and balanced the bitter of the escarole with sweet Boston lettuce.  The escarole stands up really well to the warm vinaigrette and is a welcome green in the winter months especially.  Just one note – stand back when you add the vinegars to the pan because the fumes will go straight up your nose and knock you out for a second or two.

Much thanks goes out to my friend Nancy Nicosia for this recipe – my then-husband and I had dinner at her house and she made this.  Definitely swoon-worthy.  Enjoy!



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