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rosemary-tarragon pork chops | dining a deux


Hi there!  Every family size is different and in the last two years it really just been my son and I at the dinner table so I’ve become pretty accustomed to scaling back on meal size with the exception of creating recipes for this blog.  In another two years he will be off to college….leaving me to dine alone or with a partner as I transition to becoming an empty-nester (gulp).  Dining à deux can be sophisticated – or relatively simple – it just sets a different tone than putting together a standard family dinner.  It’s adult in nature; it conjures up two people enjoying themselves with a lovely meal and perhaps a bottle of wine in a relaxed setting.  I certainly admire all of the bloggers out there that have found successful ways to get a good meal on the table every night for their families but I’m just not in that place anymore as many others are no longer as well.  So I thought I would start a Dining à Deux feature with recipes designed for two to make dinner just a bit more special, a little more intimate, and wonderfully appreciated.  I hope you enjoy it!!  And most recipes can easily be doubled to serve a family of four……..

Today’s recipe is Rosemary-Tarragon Pork Chops.  Yum.  A little more sophisticated than a family meal with the stronger-flavored herbs and the wine sauce – but it doesn’t have to be.  My son – who is in the Dominican Republic this week with his Spanish classmates and faculty – doesn’t like rosemary so I made my third test recipe today while he is away lol.  I am so proud of him – they are working with children there.  My mommy heart almost burst when I saw this picture posted yesterday via the Outreach360 organization……especially love how the little boy who is diligently working is resting his hand on my son’s arm almost as though in comfort and appreciation.


Preparations are underway for the pork chops…..each pork chop is first seared in a hot skillet and then transferred to a baking/roasting dish where each sits upon a nice thick slice of sweet onion which become soft and even sweeter.  Did I already mention yum?




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Jersey Girl Cooks - Love how the chops rest on the onion slices. Your food always looks so beautiful!

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