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zucchini and cavatappi alfredo-style

IZucchini & Cavatappi Alfredo-Style | Kitchen Serendipity I was going through my blog and came across this recipe that I posted back in the summer of 2012. Some of the spacing was messed up and I wrestled with HTML for about two hours to correct it with no success. I’m a photographer…..not a tech person and not ashamed to admit it in spite of having a website and two blogs that I maintain. So?!? Let’s redo the post and bring it into 2014 but cheat by using the same photos from 2012.  We can do that.  (If I create another pasta dish this week, I will never leave the gym….)

So…….I am the only person in my house that likes zucchini.   And it’s unfortunate.  It’s funny because the zucchini I grew up with as a kid is not the zucchini I would ever make today, and if the past were the case, I would understand why my family wouldn’t like it.   I shouldn’t even like it!!  My mom (sorry mom) boiled the zucchini to death because that’s the only way my picky dad (sorry dad) would eat it.  And then I married a man who *hated* squash which ultimately trickled down to our son *deciding* he hated squash also without ever really giving it a chance. Does that happen in your family?  Sigh. So – enter this recipe. Simple, yet yummy with flavors everyone is familiar with. Even if the zucchini look like this:

Zucchin & Cavatappi Alfredo-Style | Kitchen Serendipity

These are called “zucchini balls.”  Yes.  That’s what was written on the miniature blackboard that was leaning up against the farm vendor’s display at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market and the name certainly suits them.  If you have “squash-haters” then please give this recipe a try – it”s family friendly and vegetarian.  I used cavatappi shaped pasta but please feel free to substitute your favorite such as fusilli or shells.





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blueberry vanilla graham smoothie | wicked awesome smoothie wednesday

The last time I posted a smoothie recipe using Ben & Jerry’s – it got over 2000 pins on Pinterest!!  Maybe this one will have the same result?!?  Yes this uses Ben & Jerry’s once again – but their frozen Greek yogurt and healthy ingredients such as pomegranate/blueberry juice.  I spend a crazy amount of time trying to find things that my son likes to eat….especially in the morning.  It’s frustrating….I mean he still eats well, but not a lot and not a big variety.  We go to eggs for a while….then to yogurt and fruit……and then the cycle continues.  Well I hope that this smoothie will win him over – it is DELICIOUS yet still healthy.  And there are no rights or wrongs here – choose what you prefer!  Vanilla soy milk, vanilla almond milk, milk. or even water.  Add chia or flax seeds for an additional healthy boost!

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Kim - Liv Life - Oh how well I know what you mean!! Liv eats one thing, my son another. Then they won’t eat it anymore. Smoothies are usually a sure thing though, and this one looks to be a winner!!

butter-bathed pork tenderloin with baby bok choy medley & frizzled shallots


Hi there!  Well I hardly ever…or maybe never?……plate and present a dish in a “family-style” way which is probably because when cooking at home, I cook for so few people that it’s a win-win for individual plating vs. serving dishes. Just extra, unnecessary dishes where I live and cook!!  But this dish?!?  It just begged to be presented on a serving platter with the tender meat and the gorgeousness of the baby bok choy with the  vibrant yellow grape tomatoes.  Pork tenderloin is such a lean cut of meat – leaner than a chicken breast – so don’t have any butter guilt here.  It’s okay – really!  🙂


I love baby bok choy!  And true to my style, I tend to use what may be considered an ethnic ingredient and Americanize it or Italianize it.  I don’t want to feel pressured to use soy sauce and ginger JUST  because I’m using bok choy.  The Asian flavors complement the vegetable for sure, but I like to experiment.  I often saute it and use it as a bed for a beautiful strip steak (yum!!) or add it to salads.  So go figure……..I mean, I love other cuisines – especially Japanese – but sometimes in my house, simple tends to be best.  Just messing with ingredient expectations I guess…..and encouraging you to try different ingredients without thinking they have to have a specific flavor profile.


I “frizzle” leeks and shallots a lot for dishes ranging from mashed potatoes to salads – this dish is anointed with yummy frizzled shallots which add great texture and HUGE flavor.  Try frizzled leeks on mashed potatoes – that’s a winner for sure!





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admin - Thank you Angela!!

angela sackett - ok, i am SALIVATING looking at this dish. it looks, and sounds, amazing. thank you for sharing!!

lemony mediterranean escarole soup



Sometimes you just need a soup that fills you up and that can be classified as a meal on its own.  This soup definitely fits the bill!  I like to use potatoes and pasta together every so often in soup…and in this case, both are nicely balanced by the escarole which is one of my favorite greens.  The chickpeas add both fiber and additional texture, and the acidity of the lemon adds a subtle brightness to this  dish.  This pairs well with a side of garlic naan bread.

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Romanesco Pesto Two Ways – Tagliatelle Pasta and Spring Bruschetta

Spring Bruschetta | Kitchen Serendipity blog

Romanesco Pesto?  Okay so it’s just fun to say!!  What the heck is romanesco you may ask??  It’s a farmer’s market find….and the famed Iron Chef and The Chew co-host Mario Batali calls it, “the psychedelic love child of broccoli and cauliflower with lime green British punk hair” in an article on – along with a favorite recipe of his.  It is often compared to cauliflower but has a lighter and nuttier flavor.  I love it……it’s a new favorite veggie although it’s time frame for availability is unfortunately pretty short.


So please give this a try… friends in northern climates will probably be able to find this as I think the season for it here is quickly winding down.  Thank you to both Worden Farm and My Mother’s Garden for providing this delicious, but sort of alien-looking vegetable at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market.  I’ve got a pesto recipe for you that can be used on pasta – I used the delicious, fresh pasta from Peperonata Pasta (also at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market) – as well as in a delicious, spring-time bruschetta that includes French breakfast radishes from Worden Farm and gorgeous broccoli microgreens from Simply Organix.

 I love French breakfast radishes…..wonderfully spicy with a kick that wakes you up!







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