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creamy cauliflower, leek, and cheddar soup

Creamy Cauliflower, Leek, and Cheddar Soup

Well I think today is a cold April day just about everywhere – it’s even chilly here in Florida this morning!  Some of you got snow – yikes!  Growing up in New England, the random snowstorm in April was a common occurrence but after such an unforgiving winter in many parts of the country, I think everyone needs spring to happen – right now!

I found this recipe over on my photography website and thought today would be a great day to highlight this soup.  It’s a velvety smooth and delicious, and well, cheese just makes everything taste better!  Stay warm and think happy spring thoughts……



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shiitake and scallion ramen

Shiitake and Scallion Ramen | Kitchen

Hey guys!  This recipe may serve two, but I think you’re going to want to make it just for yourself!  I ate the entire bowl the next day for lunch without a single regret LOL!  The idea for this came from Food Network Magazine where I spotted a mushroom ramen recipe off to the side where the magazine offers several quick side suggestions.  I changed this up enough to make it my own personal adaptation – and I used my new bottle of Ohsawa Organic Nama Shoyu which is an unpasteurized soy sauce that got a rave recommendation in Cooking Light Magazine for it’s intense umami mouth-feel.  Umami is one the five “tastes” that our palate recognizes along with the more familiar sweet, sour, salty, and  bitter.  Umami-rich foods include shiitake mushrooms (which I’ve used here in the recipe), beef, squid, chicken, Parmesan cheese, and oyster sauce. Vegetarians will frequently use a lot of umami-rich vegetables and condiments to replace that meaty, fatty taste sensation one gets from meat products.  This dish is INSANELY good…..please feel free to double the recipe if you do have the inclination to share.  Trust me, you are going to want your very own bowl.





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Kristina - Pat B. You can always substitute the flavor packet with “Better than bullion” Vegetable broth base. It’s vegan and so so good.

admin - Hi there…….I’ve seen vegetarian versions at Whole Foods including a Mushroom flavored ramen. You can always check online as well – I’m sure there are several out there. 🙂


PatB - I am a vegetarian so want to use a brand of Ramen which is not flavored with chicken. Any ideas?

Red Red Amaranth | chefwillhall - […] Shiitake and scallion ramen. (n.d.). Retrieved January 21, 2015, from […]

spaghetti squash pomodoro


Hello!  Well, I had this past weekend all to myself while my son was competing in the Florida State Latin Forum (state tournament) in Orlando.  He left from school with the Latin Club on Thursday and was back super late Saturday night since the kids had the much-anticipated opportunity to blow off steam and enjoy their victories following the tournament at Universal Orlando.  So……that gave me an opportunity to cook up a storm and test recipes that have been on my mind.  I really don’t recall seeing a lot of spaghetti squash recipes over the past fall and winter months so I thought I would try to come up with something that felt more like spring to utilize this versatile vegetable.  I love Pasta Pomodoro – so why not try it using spaghetti squash instead of pasta?  I went to Whole Foods last week with the intent on getting their Pasta Pomodoro from the prepared foods section and as would be just my luck, they didn’t have that as one of their offerings that day so perhaps that’s how this recipe transpired.  It’s really easy to make once you’ve roasted the squash and hollowed out the tomatoes – the rest of it comes together very quickly.  The ingredients are simple….but high-quality ingredients definitely make a difference….. farmer’s market tomatoes and spaghetti squash (thank you Sarasota Farmer’s Market!), delicious, salty Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and fresh herbs really help to make it an outstanding dish.  Your kids will also love it since it does a pretty good job of mimicking spaghetti (anything that resembles pasta in my house is a winner),  It’s a wonderful vegetarian dish as well for Meatless Mondays – or any night of the week!!  Serve it as an entree or a side – your choice.




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admin - Thank you Chris!! I do indeed think you might be the only one in da hood with a block of Parmigiano Reggiano 😉 Enjoy!

Chris - I have an abundant supply of tomatoes and I was wondering what to do with them. It’s one of the few foods that my kids are not fond of and I’m always looking to come up with something different to tease their taste buds. Not that I allow faddy eaters in my kitchen, just trying to give them something different you understand…

This will definitely fit the bill and thank for the truly wonderful pictures and easy to follow steps… I happen to have a block of Parmigiano Reggiano, and I bet that’s a first #inthehood.

Thank you Stacey 😉

chocolate chip croissants

Chocolate Chip Croissants | Kitchen Serendipity blog

This really doesn’t need a recipe, but so many people have asked me how to make these over the course of time that I thought I would go ahead and post it here.  My son LOVES these and if you are feeling a little swanky, you can even add miniature marshmallows to the filling.  I will serve one of these along with a healthy breakfast of yogurt or eggs every so often.  Enjoy!




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Blood Orange Smoothie | Wicked Awesome Smoothie Wednesday

LOL…..sorry…..I was in Boston last week and being a New England girl at heart, it’s hard to avoid the “New Englandisms” when one is there.  Almost stahted forgetting my R’s where they should belong and then subsequently adding them where they don’t belong……..okay, on that last one – I still do that!!!  Idea is “idear” and will always be that way I guess!

As you may have already figured out, the smoothies I tend to create are more like the bad boys of Boston rather than the Green goddesses of Vermont.   So with that being said, blood oranges are beautiful in color and flavor and are going out of season as do most citrus fruits at this time of the year.  So don’t hesitate!!  They are still in my market – so please pick up a few at yours to make this smoothie.  If you can’t find them, using regular oranges is totally fine.  Feel free to get a little swankalicious and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt to the blender as well.  The blood orange sorbet works so beautifully here and most specialty stores carry it – I used the Ciao Bella brand that I found at The Fresh Market.  This smoothie is super refreshing, and the tartness is tamed by the almond milk and agave nectar.  I hope you try it!  Adjust the sweetness to your liking…..if you use sweetened almond milk, you may not need as much agave nectar.  Be your own judge for what is right for your palette.  Enjoy!



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admin - Thanks Kim!!

Kim - Liv Life - What an awesome smoothie!! I adore blood orange, and we’re trying to get our tree to grow. Last year we got two little baby oranges, but I’m hoping for a bigger crop this year!!